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APRES - Gel-X Intro Kit (w/out Gel-X Tips)

APRES - Gel-X Intro Kit (w/out Gel-X Tips)

Gel-x complete set - don’t forget to add your tips separately - as this is the kit only!

This set comes with everything you need to do the revolutionary new gel-x extension method!
Set comes with:
- 1x 15ml Aprés ph bonder
- 1x 15ml Aprés non-acidic gel primer
- 1x 15ml Aprés soak-off extend gel gold bottle edition
- 1x 15ml Aprés non-wipe top gelcoat
- 1x 2w mini LED light
- 1x patent leather (Vegan-Friendly!) Aprés case

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Gel-X Tips are specially formulated gel tips to work with Aprés Extend Gel to ensure long-lasting 3+ weeks adhesion to the natural nail. Follow proper steps and you can achieve beautiful, strong Gel extensions with no lifting! The super fast and easy system is a breeze to learn! Master the technique in 1-3 months, and you can finish 10 finger extensions in just 10 minutes! Soft-gel formulation of Gel-X Tips and Extend Gel make removal simple! Soak or wrap in acetone for 15 minutes and it will remove just like gel polish. Fast & Easy to Apply! No Odor, No Dust! No Damage to Natural Nail! 10 Finger Extensions in Just 10 Minutes!

***Complete set is good for ~50 full sets of extensions***
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