LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Color Gel - Cream No Sugar

LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Color Gel - Cream No Sugar


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Please note: This is a PROFESSIONAL ONLY product and should not be purchased for home use. Professional training is required for proper use, and the chemicals in the product can do harm to your skin/nails if used improperly. Refunds will not be given for untrained individuals not happy about product results.
17 ml.

Color: Light creamy beige nude color.

Coverage:  Opaque

Effect:  Cream

With Light Elegance ™ Color Gel you can always offer your customers the latest trend and look colors in your salon. Color Gel is a gel polish that is easy to apply and is comprehensive already after the first 2 thin layers have been applied. Color Gels are highly pigmented and very color stable, so the color does not fade and become dull. Color Gel is available in a fantastic selection of beautiful colors, and every season 6 new beautiful colors are launched. Must be cured in LED / UV lamp.