LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Glitter Gel Polish - Pears & Pastries

LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Glitter Gel Polish - Pears & Pastries


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This glitter has a background of a light greyish-silver shimmer which allows the small purple-violet glitter to sparkle and dance throughout.

Pears & Pastries UV/LED Glitter Gel, 17 ml.

 Discover a sense of tranquility and awaken your inner bliss with a fresh new palette that sings Spring. The new Afternoon Picnic Spring 2021 collection by Light Elegance expresses the freeing feelings of venturing outside on a beautiful blue-sky day to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Perfectly on-trend for Spring, bright colors are softened with warm tones while shimmers and glitters illuminate this radiant palette.

LE UV Glitter Gels are wearable, long-lasting, and virtually indestructible. Over 100 colors are available, and constant innovation keeps you and your clients ahead of the seasonal trends. Applies easily over any hard gel or acrylic.