LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Glitter Gel Polish - Tangerine Dream

LIGHT ELEGANCE UV/LED Glitter Gel Polish - Tangerine Dream


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Dreams have the power to inspire, enchant, and amaze us, and the new Summer 2021 Dreaming in Color collection by Light Elegance captures these powerful emotions in each of its 12 new on-trend shades. You’ll think you’re dreaming as you indulge in rich creams, sparkling shimmers, and glamorous glitters that just might make you pinch yourself, just to make sure you’re awake.  Whether you want to dream up a soft, pillowy sail through the clouds or a neon dance through the city nightlife, Dreaming in Color has the perfect palette to complete your look and make your dreams come true.

Summer 2021 17 ml Glitter Gels, Dreaming in Color Collection includes :

  • De-Ja-Blue: Fine pieces of soft aqua blue lightly laced with large iridescent pretties. This green and blue glitter come together to make a tranquil and serene aqua.
  • In My Happy Place: Soft and sweet lavender and pink jewel tones mix with small and medium pieces that flash and shine with an iridescent sparkle.
  • Pinch Me Pink: This pink glitter is a blend of small neon pink matte pieces with just a sprinkle of fine twinkle throughout. It’s a hot pink, matte glitter that is truly unique.
  • Restful Rose: A sparkly cinnamon rose gold glitter. Fine pieces of rose and gold come together with fun flashes of light copper sparkles.
  • Sleepy Time: This is a calm, sweet glitter gel. This perfect peachy tan is soft and quiet, but won’t put you to sleep!
  • Tangerine Dream: Soft and delicate make for this low-key tangerine orange glitter gel. Muted yellows, golds, and greens combine for a delicately neutral glitter.

LE UV Glitter Gels are wearable, long-lasting, and virtually indestructible. Over 100 colors are available, and constant innovation keeps you and your clients ahead of the seasonal trends. Applies easily over any hard gel or acrylic.