PUREOLOGY - Vinegar Hair Rinse 8.4oz.

PUREOLOGY - Vinegar Hair Rinse 8.4oz.


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Buildup on hair can block beautiful color from shining through. Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse is the clarifying hair product your dry and dull color-treated hair has been needing for radiant, shiner hair.

Created with natural ingredients, the rebalancing and clarifying formula of Vinegar Hair Rinse helps smooth hair and adds shine. Apple cider vinegar removes product buildup, oils, and impurities while protecting your hair's natural oils. Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, the cactus pear flower extract moisturizes hair and creates unbeatable shine without drying your hair out.

Pureology's Vinegar Hair Rinse provides all the benefits of a vinegar rinse without the smell. Healthy, radiant and shinier hair is just a rinse away!