WHALE SPA|VALENTINO - Candy Cube Complete (Single)


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Make a splash with clients with the Whale Spa Valentino Candy Cube Complete Kit.  Including a soak, scrub, mask, and lotion, the kit contains everything you need for a complete manicure or pedicure service.

The PediBomb releases moisturizing oils and natural deodorizer that detoxifies and soothes tired feet. Candy Cube Scrub is packaged like a little morsel of candy. One cube for both hands on a manicure and just one cube is good for one foot, so there’s no wasting product.


Each kit includes:
- Pedi Bomb Salt Soak (1)
- Candy Cube Scrub (2)
- Conditioning Mask (1)
- Massage Lotion (1)
- Disposable Pumice (1)
- Disposable Slim Buffer (1)
- Disposable Mini Nail File (1)