WHALE SPA|VALENTINO Candy Cube - Mandarin Orange (100pcs)

WHALE SPA|VALENTINO Candy Cube - Mandarin Orange (100pcs)


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In the size and shape of a sugar cube, each petite scrub is designed to evolve your at-home mani and pedi rituals into spa-worthy indulgences in sixty seconds or less. Our individually wrapped, richly scented “candies” deliver a precisely measured 3-in-1 regiment to exfoliate, soften, and protect hands and feet.

EXFOLIATE: We blend super-fine salt with pure cane sugar to lightly polish skin, taming tired knuckles and heels by ridding them of dry, rough patches.

SOFTEN: Our silky blend of vitamin E, macadamia nut, avocado, and sweet almond oils saturates the skin with natural conditioners to restore suppleness to hands and feet.

PROTECT: Natural cocoa, shea and avocado butters lock in moisture to keep skin soft for hours.