Understanding & How To Read Professional Hair Product Expiration Timeframes

In this example we will look at the Matrix Mega Sleek Shampoo in the gallon size. This example applies to other professional hair products that DO NOT have a printed expiration date.
Retail hair products on the other hand usually have a printed/etched/stamped expiration date.
Professional products use PAO "Period After Opening" timeframe to determine the expiration. 
A BATCH CODE is also stamped or written on the product to determine when it was manufactured.
You can check the batch code using a website that checks perfumes, cosmetics, & hair products.
Enter the batch code on a product received to determine the product manufacturing date.
SELECT the Vendor/Manufacturer from the drop down list first.
This information below is from the example product.
The PAO is when the Period After Opening the product.
In this example, the PAO is 12 Months from the time the product is opened.

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 12.56.22 PM (1).png