DAILY CHARME - Stardust Unicorn Powder 2g.


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Stardust Unicorn Powder Set featuring 5 different fine micro-pigments that can be used to create the most magical nails!

This versatile set can be used individually or mix & match to achieve different effects such as pearly shimmers, rainbow color chrome, or aurora opaline texture nails.

Each jar contains 2g of powders.

The Stardust powders can be applied over cured tacky gel for a more glittery finish or applied over a no-wipe gel topcoat such as Daily Charme Chrome Effect No-Wipe Gel for a more reflective shine. You can also mix the pigment with clear gel or clear nail polish for a different look.

For a pearly shimmer look, apply over a white or pastel color base.
For a colored metallic look, apply over a black or dark color base.
Mix & match the Stardust powders for a unique look!
Best used over no-wipe gel topcoat and sealed with a gel topcoat.


  1. Apply base color (recommended).
  2. Apply a layer of Daily Charme Chrome Effect No-Wipe Gel or other brands no-wipe gel topcoat.
  3. Use a sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicator, or a silicone brush to buff a thin layer of pigment onto the nail surface. 
  4. Apply a layer of 5-in-1 Strengthening Gel, or other brands hard gel to prevent chipping (optional)
  5. Seal with Daily Charme Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Top Coat.

Professional use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.