APRES Gel-X Tips Refill Bags - Natural Stiletto Short

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If you run out of a size from your box of tips, you can easily purchase the size you need with Apres refill bags! One bag includes 50pcs of tips of one size.

Style: Natural
Shape: Stiletto
Length: Short

These tips are part of our Natural line, which have a flatter surface and less of a C-Curve compared to the tips in our Sculpted line. Our Natural line is more comfortable for flatter nail beds, since the tips are able to cover the sides of the natural nail better. 

Gel-X Tips are specially formulated gel tips to work with Aprés Extend Gel to ensure long-lasting 3+ weeks adhesion to the natural nail. Follow proper steps and you can achieve beautiful, strong Gel extensions with no lifting! The super fast and easy system is a breeze to learn! Master the technique in 1-3 months, and you can finish 10 finger extensions in just 10 minutes! Soft-gel formulation of Gel-X Tips and Extend Gel make removal simple! Soak or wrap in acetone for 15 minutes and it will remove just like gel polish. Fast & Easy to Apply! No Odor, No Dust! No Damage to Natural Nail! 10 Finger Extensions in Just 10 Minutes!