Ardell Thick FX Fiber Locking Spray 95mL / 3.2 fl oz


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  • INSTANTLY GET THICKER, FULLER-LOOKING HAIR: The Ardell Thick FX Fiber Locking Spray adheres to existing hair to instantly add the look of volume and fullness to thinning hair. The formula creates a bond between existing hair and the keratin fiber, allowing hair to look significantly thicker and fuller while instantly covering scalp show-through. Effortlessly add volume to lift, you will be able to finish your hair look for quick and beautiful results with this hair spritz!
  • PRO-APPROVED, STRENGTHENS HAIRSTYLING: This best-seller hairspray is fast becoming a favorite with hair pros. It works by boosting limp locks and adding just the right hold and maintains the style once the mist has been brushed out. It intensifies the magnetic attraction to the hair and ensures that the fibers will stay in place in all types of conditions including wind, rain, and perspiration. Let this amazing Locking Spray from Ardell take care of your hair while providing the style you love!
  • NON-DAMAGING, FLAKE-FREE HAIR LOCKING SPRAY: This cult favorite is loved for being flake-free, brushable and versatile. Its micro-fine spray allows it to be applied lightly and evenly, so you will build it up as needed depending on your style, and brush it out for re-styling. It will hold the hair fibers in place, while still allowing your hair to feel soft and touchable. It works great with both long or short hair without all the stiffness that you get from other hairspray products!
  • VERSATILE, WORKS GREAT ON ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you're just going through your daily routine, or have a special event on the horizon, a high-quality hairspray that can keep your style in place without weighing down your hair is a must, thanks to Ardell Thick FX Fiber Locking Spritz! Its buildable formula makes it ideal for all different kinds of hairstyles and hair types. It can even be brushed out in case you want to restyle your hair and reapply this mist.
  • PORTABLE, GREAT FOR TRAVEL: This exceptionally versatile hair sprinkler from Ardell has everything you need to create the right hairdo for your day! It comes in a portable, spill-proof hair spray bottle that will fit inside the bags and delivers a powerful spray. It offers a continuous spray functionality to cover large areas quickly, evenly, and in all directions, from the first drop to the last drop, making it very useful and convenient in daily life.