COLOR CLUB - Gel Duo - Wild And Willing 868


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Wild And Willing #868

Gel - After applying Color Club Gel Foundation + Primer to each nail, apply a thin, even coat of Color Club Gel over each nail. Cure each hand with a LED light for 30 Seconds (2 minutes with UV light). Repeat with the second coat of Color Club gel, again curing each hand for 30 seconds. Finish with Color Club Gel Seal + Shine Top Coat.

Lacquer - After applying your favorite Color Club base coat, apply two thin, even coats of Color Club nail lacquer to each nail. Finish with your favorite Color Club.

  • Cures in 30 seconds with LED light technology
  • Top-quality pigments for stunning neons, glitter with tremendous depth, true holographic and rich metallic finishes
  • Quick soak-off time(5-8minutes)
  • Flash-cure (10 seconds) Foundation Base Coat available for sensitive nails
  • Revolutionary custom-tailored application system.

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