JENNY SECRET - Crystal Gel Pen

JENNY SECRET - Crystal Gel Pen


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From celebrity nail artist @nailson7th, Jenny is sharing her secret formula to keep those crystals stuck on nails. The perfect crystal gel pen to secure and fill small gaps after you finish your stone placement. The pen has two different options for the application. The gel is non wipe and won’t leave any sticky residues.

You can twist open the cap for a brush that will allow a brush application or you can pull the cap off the same end to reveal a precision tip that will dispense gel into small hard to reach spots.

The brush and precision tips are all located on the same side. Each will be revealed depending on how you open the product. (Pulling off vs twisting off)

Also included is a needle on the opposite end, which can be used to clean out the precision tip. Be careful when opening the opposite end so that you don’t lose the needle.

Cure Time: LED 30-60 seconds/UV 60-120 seconds

For professional use only.

Store product in a shaded area and avoid direct sunlight. If any irritation or allergy occurs, stop use immediately and rinse with water.