LOREAL Beach Baby Lights High Lift Blonde


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Beach Baby Lights is a new High-Lift permanent hair color blonding series from L’Oreal Technique, that expands our blonding capabilities to new heights. The new line consisting of 6 shades delivers up to 5 levels of lift and toning action in one step. From cool icy blondes to beautiful balanced natural blondes, sun-kissed hair is now possible all year long. 

6 shades to select from including 11.0 Natural Blonde, 11.13 Beige Blonde, 11.2 Champagne Blonde, 11.01 Cool Blonde, 11.12 Platinum Blonde and 11.91 Pearl Blonde.

  • Optimal consistency makes it perfect for all blonding techniques: All over blonding, foil highlighting, balayage.
  • Lifts and tones during processing
  • Lifts hair up to 5 levels
  • Conditioning formula

 Wear suitable, disposable gloves. Mix 1.74 oz. of Beach Baby Lights High Lift Blonde with 3.48 oz. of Oreor Crème Developer. 

Use exclusively with the recommended developer, Oreor Creme Developer, 40 volume (12%) maximum. Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 40 volume, (12%). Use only in the proportions indicated. Always use after mixing. 

Application and Rinsing: Wear suitable, disposable gloves. Do not use with metal tools (clips, combs, ...). Process at room temperature for 50 minutes. DO NOT USE HEAT. 

Rinse hair well after the processing time.