MATRIX Light Master - Lift & Tone Powder Lifter (Up To 6 Levels Lift) 1lb.


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Light Master Lift & Tone Powder Lifter is 1 step in a 3-part Highlighting System enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 to protect and condition the hair.
  • Lifts up to 6 levels
  • Perfect for quick highlights in as quick as 10 minutes
  • Mixes to a rich, cream consistency that stays moist

Give your clients customized highlights with an extra cool, cool, or neutral tone in one single step.

Light Master Lift & Tone is a 3-part highlighting system that lifts up to 6 levels in 2-10 minutes with heat or up to 50 minutes at room temperature and offers customized toning while lifting.


Cannot be used alone, all components from Lift & Tone collection must be used together.

Mixing Ratio: 2 scoops powder + 2 scoops dedicated promoter + 1 scoop pigment

Application: Off-scalp application only • Mix Light Master Lift & Tone system in a non-metallic bowl.

  • Do not substitute any of the Light Master Lift & Tone system components (Powder Lifter 16 oz. or 32 oz., Promoters 32 oz. and Toners 4 oz.)
  • Use only with the recommended Promoter 8 (2.4%) or 22 (6.6%) Volume. Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 22 Volume (6.6%).
  • Do not exceed the recommended development time.

Always follow manufacturer's packaged instructions.