MATRIX SoColor - Mochas Collection Permanent Cream Hair Color 3oz. (LIMITED EDITION)


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SOCOLOR permanent hair color is the ultimate portfolio for color expression. A brilliantly colorful palette that goes beyond grey coverage to impress your clients and keep hair strong.

Blended Collection: Pre-blended shades that offer a range of tones from cool to warm for beautiful, believable results and grey coverage Dream.Age: Provides modern, multi-reflective tones for 50 - 100% white hair coverage.

Mochas Collection: 4 Pre-blended, multi-tonal reflects in one tube. The most prismatic results for brunettes that are never flat, never oversaturated.


SOCOLOR's Advanced formula featuring Cera-Oil™ Conditioning Complex delivers non-stop conditioning for up to 30 shampoos, shine for long-lasting color & exceptional grey coverage.


  • Standard Mixing Time: 30 to 45 minutes (full 45 minutes for resistant grey hair)
  • High Impact Brunettes: 1:1.5 mixing ration, 35 minutes mixing time
  • Ultra.Blonde: 1:2 mixing ration, 50 minute mixing time
  • Reflect Collection Metallics: 1:1 mixing ratio with 20 volume or 30 volume MATRIX Cream Developer. Timing is 35 minutes.