ORLY GelFX - Builder in a Bottle 1.2oz./36mL


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There’s no need for separate pots and brushes, ORLY® GELFX® Builder In A Bottle™ is the perfect all-in-one brush-on application without the sticky mess. Soak-off sculpting gel for nail extension. Applies like a soft gel, wears like a hard gel, and soaks-off when ready to remove. Effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application offers flawless, longer, more natural looking nails.

Superior self-leveling quality allows for effortless application and the consistency remains easy to control, with less need for filling and a formula that minimizes heat spikes.

Flexible strength comes from the perfect balance of soft-gel and hard-gel properties. Give your client's nails the strength they need without the cracking associated with hard gels, or painful, damaging breaks associated with acrylic nail extensions.

Crystal clear formula is the perfect blank canvas for color application and detailed nail art.


  • Builder In A Bottle
  • Soak-Off Sculpting Gel
  • Easy Application
  • Crystal Clear Self-Leveling Formula
  • No sticky mess
  • Cruelty Free / Vegan / 12-Free Formula
  • Infused with Vitamins A +E and Pro Vitamin B5 to help promote healthy nails and protect the structure of the natural nail.
  • Less shaping, filing and dust.
  • No-Shrink Formula
  • Can be left clear for glass like finish or finished with GELFX Nail Color
  • LED and UV curable
  • Less damaging removal than acrylics or hard gels