PRESTO x APRES - Gel-X Kit w/Tip Box


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Get everything you need in the Presto-X Aprés Gel-X Kit. A beautiful partnership has inspired new products that spark new ideas for nail technicians and everyone else loves a good mani. This kit includes a bunch of goodies bundled together for one affordable price.

The Presto-X Aprés Gel-X Kit comes complete with a

  • 10g bottle of Presto-X Aprés All In One Extend Gel
  • 10g of Presto Top Gel
  • Aprés X- Lite
  • 180 nail file
  • 1 box of nail tips from BritneyTOKYO (3 options - Each box contains 250 tips in 10 sizes.)

This is the perfect kit to elevate your skills and take your nails to the next level.