VETRO NO. 19 Gel Pods - 469 Nanatsukiyo **

VETRO NO. 19 Gel Pods - 469 Nanatsukiyo **


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Color name: nanatsukiyo (July night, Natsukiyo)
A dim moonlit night that shines like a thin silk wrap. A green scene with a dull lime yellow. Dusty yellow, mustard color. Greenish dusty yellow. The color of a hazy moon.

Material: M
Texture: ★★

Part of VETRO 2020 Winter Colors "RAW PLUS"
VETRO's this season's trend theme is "RAW." The five shades that require no "cooking" -enjoy it just as is, and two layering shades bring the most out of other colors' potential.These sophisticated subdued shades create a seasonal atmosphere in an instant.

No.19 Color Gel was developed to meet the colors and textures all nail technicians are seeking for. A color collection of over 250 high quality diversified colors, No.19 deserves to be called elegance. 4ml/0.13oz. LED 20-40 sec; UV 60 sec. Made in Japan.

Three types of texture are available in response to art specifications:
★ * Soft - Easy to create beautiful ombre nails!
★★ ** Normal - Brilliant coloring! Works with wide varieties of artwork.
★★★ *** Hard - Suitable for paint art and glitter lines! The texture is like acrylic paint.