WAHL Pro - Clipper/Trimmer Blade Standard Texturizing

WAHL Pro - Clipper/Trimmer Blade Standard Texturizing


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The Wahl Professional Texturizing Peanut Snap-On Clipper/Trimmer Blade is intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand. 
Holding clipper/trimmer firmly, push blades away from the front of the clipper. 
Blades will come off in one piece.
Then place the bottom tab of blade chassis into space provided in trimmer housing and snap into place. 
This is an accessory blade for WAHL: White Classic Peanut, White Peanut, Black Peanut, Hot Pink Peanut, Cordless Peanut. 
Sterling: Bullet. 
The detachable blade allows for easy maintenance and replacement.
Made in the USA.

- Snap-On Clipper/Trimmer Blade
- Peanut(s)